3rd Grade Supply List

  • 1 pair of earbuds for Chromebooks
  • 1 pencil box (no pouches please, no large pencil boxes, or lockable box)
  • spiral notebooks (blue, green, red)
  • 1 package of pencils for the class
  • 1 container/package of wipes (any kind)
  • skinny whiteboard markers
  • 1 large pink eraser
  • gluesticks for the class
  • 1 highlighter (yellow)
  • 1 pack of thin markers
  • 3 2-pocket folders
  • 1 package of colored pencils or twistable
  • Multiplication Flashcards

3rd grade expectations

Language Arts:

  • Capitalize proper nouns (i.e., name, days of the week, holidays, and months)
  • Read aloud fluently and accurately with expression at a level 2.9
  • Read and be able to recall facts and retell story from beginning, middle, and end
  • Compare and contrast stories, including plot, author’s purpose, settings, and characters
  • Identify incomplete sentences


  • Understand place value to 1,000
  • Add and subtract using different strategies
  • Know and memorize multiplication facts for 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Know how to tell time (how many seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day)
  • Know basic measurements, such as inches, centimeters, feet, yards, and meters


  • Write complete sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation
  • Write a complete paragraph with an introduction, main idea, supporting details, and closing


  • Type, using basic keyboarding skills
  • Use Word for writing reports & stories
  • Use the internet for basic research