Open Enrollment 2020/2021 School Year - Dates to be Announced

  • Krystal School of Science, Math and Technology is a Parent-Choice school in Hesperia Unified School District (HUSD) and can accept students without restriction to attendance boundaries. Due to this fact, there are generally more students who would like to attend than space available inside the classrooms. To provide a fair enrollment process for all, Krystal utilizes a Waiting List and abides by a yearly “Open Enrollment” period and Lottery Drawing.
  • Open Enrollment is held once per year in early Spring.
  • Once “Open Enrollment” has been announced by HUSD, parents are invited to come to Krystal to begin the process. Every student who comes through Open Enrollment will be placed on a waiting list. To determine the waiting list order, a Lottery Drawing will be held following the close of Open Enrollment. The Lottery does not determine enrollment, only assigns the student a numbered spot on the Waiting List. Students will remain on the Waiting List until a place becomes available for them.
  • Unfortunately, students may not be added to the Waiting List if it is outside the window for Open Enrollment